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French customers visit the factory to visit the space capsule, double wing folding room


In the bright sunshine, the French customers arrived at our factory, their eyes flashing for the unknown curiosity and anticipation. The doors of the factory slowly open to reveal a scene of modern production, where the roar of machinery is intertwined with the busy figures of workers, forming a vibrant picture.

We first took our customers on a tour of the capsule production line. Workers are carefully assembling every part of the capsule, from the outer shell to the internal facilities, every part of the capsule reflects our extreme attention to detail. As the French customers watched, they nodded and praised the capsule, impressed by the advanced production process and rigorous work attitude.

Next, we come to the production area of the double wing folding room. The unique design of the double wing folding house attracted great interest from the clients. They surrounded the sample room, carefully observing its unique double-wing folding room mechanism and spatial layout. When they learned that the double-wing folding house is not only easy to transport, but also can be completed in a very short time, they have expressed a strong intention to cooperate.

During the visit, we also arranged product experience for customers. They went inside the capsule and the wing folding room to feel its comfort and practicality. The faces of our customers are full of satisfied smiles, and they have said that our products are not only innovative in design, but also high in quality, which is very much in line with their needs.

After the visit, we held a brief communication seminar for our clients. At the symposium, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on future cooperation. The French customers indicated that they would actively consider working with us and look forward to exploring a broader market together in the future.

This visit not only demonstrated our product strength and production capacity, but also enhanced the friendship and trust between our French customers. We believe that in the coming days, we will work together to create a better future.

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