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Crotia customers visit the factory and establish cooperation


Croatian customers come to Shanghai cymdin Industrial Co., Ltd. to visit. Croatian customers have shown strong interest in our Double wing folding room products. He carefully inquired about the design concept, manufacturing process and application scenarios of the double wing folding room, and our team gave us comfortable, efficient, professional and detailed answers.

In the communication with Croatian customers, we also discussed the unique advantages and application prospects of Double wing folding room products in the Croatian market. Croatia is a country rich in natural beauty and human history, where tourism is growing strongly and there is an urgent need for convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly accommodation solutions. With their unique design, efficient installation speed and portability, our Double wing folding room products meet this market demand.

In addition, we also introduced the latest achievements of Shanghai cymdin Industrial Co., Ltd. in technological innovation and product development. We have been committed to improving the performance and quality of products, through the continuous introduction of new technologies and new materials, and constantly optimize the production process, so that our Double wing folding room products are more in line with the needs of the market and customer expectations.

The customer highly recognized the products and technology of our company and indicated that they will actively promote the cooperation between the two parties in the Croatian market. He also made some valuable suggestions, hoping that we can further optimize the product design and service scheme according to the characteristics of the Croatian market, in order to better meet

 the needs of local consumers.

We are proud to have established a partnership with our customers in Croatia and look forward to working with more customers in the coming days to promote the development of Shanghai cymdin Industrial Co., LTD. We will, as always, be committed to providing customers with quality products and services

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