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South Korean customers visit the factory to see the space capsule house


Korean customers come all the way to our country to visit our factory. They took a keen interest in our capsule and had a detailed understanding and in-depth discussion. In the whole process of receiving Korean customers, a series of visits are arranged to ensure that Korean customers can have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of our factory and space capsule products.

First, we guided our Korean customers on a tour of the factory's production line, showing them the entire production process of the space capsule from raw materials to finished products. Customers have expressed their appreciation for our advanced production equipment and efficient production processes, as well as their high recognition of our product quality.

We then took the customer into the display area of the capsule. There are a variety of models and specifications of space capsules on display, each of which is exquisitely designed and uniquely shaped. Use the highest quality material segment to create the most beautiful products.

We introduced the functional features, application scenarios and advantages of the space capsule to the customer in detail. Customers listened with great interest, asking questions from time to time about the material of the capsule, showing a strong interest in the capsule.

During the visit, we also arranged for professional technicians to conduct in-depth communication with customers. They answered various questions raised by customers in detail, including the technical details of the capsule, how to use it, and transportation. At the same time, we also showed customers the actual scene and layout of the space capsule, allowing them to experience the convenience and comfort of the space capsule. The space capsule is equipped with intelligent systems, and the use effect and experience will be more rich.

The whole visit was filled with a warm atmosphere, and customers expressed high satisfaction and appreciation for our products and services. Customers said that this visit gave them a deeper understanding and understanding of our factory and capsule products, and made them more determined to work with us. We believe that in the future cooperation, we will create more brilliant achievements together.

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